Size: 18″ x 24″ This piece is unframed.

Never let it be said Stan Masters did not have a sense of humor. The enormous USED CARS in white letters next to the church establishes the joke, which he sustains through a series of clever maneuvers.

First, he shoehorns the church between the uniform facades of the flanking buildings, confirming its role as a used car on the lot, gleaming white with tinted windows. The dead tree in the side warns caveat emptor, reiterated by the No Parking sign in front.

Next, he truncates the word TRANSMISSIONS to MISSIONS. The dappled sunlight from the unseen tree suggests the business’ ‘shadowy’ characters, the realization of which then leads us back to the ‘shady’ USED CARS sign. But this is not a scathing commentary about organized religion; Masters is merely poking fun at it. The strolling pedestrian and fluttering birds enliven the scene, as do the grass and emerald green trees, which, incidentally, carry the eye back to the steeple. Masters means no harm, only a gibe as he flexes his narrative muscles.

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